So you want to book a shoot – what next?

Choosing a photographer is a decision based on trust. Before booking a shoot, have a look at the photographer’s past work – make sure their style resonates with you. Liking a photographer’s work helps you to know that they’ll produce the kind of images you want.

The photographer/client relationship is based on trust, and that relationship needs to be built and nurtured way, way before the day of the shoot. Before you even set foot in the studio, we start that relationship with conversation. We discuss images, including some of my work, and chat about what you like and what you don’t like. We figure out together: Do you like low key or high key – or a mix of both? Do you have any features that you aren’t keen on, or some that you’d like to highlight? I find out why you are commissioning the shoot and how you would like to use the images, and we clarify what the end results will be. I help you get to you know you, and what you want to achieve.

The relationship between photographer and client is a special one. Most people hate having their photograph taken, so it’s my job to relax you, and my passion to bring out and capture the best possible version of you. The version that conveys you to the world in the way that you’d like to be seen.

Once we have completed the shoot, I spend time finishing the image, not to ‘photoshop’ you, but to bring out the best in the image. Finishing an image takes time, a light hand, and experience to make the improvements to the shot subtle but impactful. The finishing can turn a great shot into something sublime.

So, find a photographer who’s work you love and then be prepared to invest time into the relationship to build trust and a rapport; it will be worth it and it will definitely show in the resulting images. As with much of life, you really do get back as much as you put in.

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